Spotify Wrapped 2020 has arrived.

Magillian most played  Album on Spotify  – A Journey of Open Air Essetial Weapons on Hush Recordz.


It would be a great help if you follow me on Spotify!

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 They are paying artists using a “pro-rata” model, in which all revenue is pooled, then distributed to artists according to a complex scheme. The pro-rata model means that as artists on the top of the pyramid accumulate a greater percentage of streams, all other artists receive increasingly tiny payments. This model puts artists in competition with each other. 

Unfortunately Spotify is constantly being called out for its minuscule payouts to artists and only pays artists and labels between $. 003 and $. 005 (one-third of a penny to one-half of a penny) for each stream. However, the precise per-stream rate can vary based upon a user’s region and account type (premium or ad-supported).

Spotify makes enormous profit across its platform via user fees, capital investment, data collection. The is seeking to boost the minimum payout per stream to at least one cent. They are also fighting for the adoption of a “user centric” model which pays artists directly according to the number of streams they receive.

A Pandemic Is Not the Time for Spotify to Undercut Artist Pay and to try a new deal where artists can opt for lower pay in exchange for promotion in its algorithm.

Meanwhile until Spotify begin to pay all artists at least one cent per song stream (or the equivalent in local currency). It would help me greatly if you can add some of my songs to your playlist!

Just Click ‘follow‘ and listen some of my music. You can also add some of your favorite songs of mine to your playlists and share with your friends! This helps me get my music out there. It’s much appreciated,

Spotify Wrapped 2020 is available to both free and Premium users, but subscribers are privy to new badges based on activity.

More specifically, Tastemaker (if your playlists gained enough new followers), Pioneer (you listened to a song before it hit 50,000 streams) and Collector (you added a certain number of songs to playlists) are the awards that can be earned.


After revealing its most streamed artists, albums, songs and podcasts earlier this week. Spotify is handing over the reins to you.

As is usually the case in early December, the streaming service is premiering the 2020 edition of Wrapped: the company’s annual review that chronicles 11 months of music and podcast activity. In the true style of Spotify, there are some major changes to the nostalgia tool this year, with the largest of them being the custom version of Wrapped now mobile only, available within the company’s apps on Android and iOS.

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