Long time DJ, Soul Surfer, Surfing Coach, Photography and Videography apprentice, Yoga Aficionado and time to time aspiring music producer with original music and remixes released on institutions such as Bush Records, Baroque Records, Go Deeva, King Street Sounds, KULT, Hush Recordz, Monique Musique, Musica Gourmet, Nite Grooves, Perlekind Records or Go Deeva Records.

Multifaceted artist floating around the emotional spectrum from Organic House to Techno that also loves music to tune out the chaos and focus on meditation, daily yoga practice or ecstatic dance.


Back in those days, (on the last century) i had to select records from my collection, to sort and play thousands of records through to understand the structure, figure out the key, label moods with white stickers, organize by genre which defined on my own. For over a decade used to play more than 4 hour set, or even 6 to 8 hours regularly on weekends. This usually meant to take two large UDG cases.

Carrying records and bringing the right ones for each club was a lot of work. Something younger DJs takes for granted these days. Other than the weight of each record bag, the time spent planning out which records i was going to take, it usually took 2 or 3 days.

If you love each record equally! You know how hard it is to pick only 180/200 records out of almost 5000.

Technology has always been a driver in advancement for DJing, and it has never been more obvious as it is today.

Today, DJs don’t need a huge collection of vinyl records in order to be competitive.

New software allows to perfectly mix two, three or four songs together with little effort. The streaming platforms have made it possible for anyone with a broadband connection to broadcast their mixes. However, in spite of all these advancements, the essence of the DJ has not changed. DJs introduce you to new songs. DJs create the party mood at parties everywhere, play the first songs at our wedding, they play the soundtracks of your life. Respect the DJ.

Hope to share some of my music with you here…
And some excitement about my journey into DJ culture.

I’m very impressed with Bandcamp as a community platform for fans and musicians and i’m very pleased to announce that i’ve joined. It’s not only a new option for you to listen to and purchase new releases, i also decided to share limited edition and unreleased edits there which will be unavailable elsewhere.

Join me!